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Free Individual Membership

Individual Membership is offered at no cost to the participants. By joining the membership program, individual members will be eligible to receive updates on global DEI development information,  DEI exchange and educational sessions, and discount on Everything DiSC Profile.

Application to individual membership (FREE)

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Personal Information Collection Statement

Use of personal data

During the term of business operation, the personal data collected by CDIA may be electronically or manually processed/used by CDIA for the following purposes within the jurisdictions in which CDIA and/or data processors conduct businesses:

  1. processing your application for membership of the CDIA's Hong Kong DEI Network,  managing, operating and maintaining the Hong Kong DEI Network; and providing you with information on the activities and benefits of the Hong Kong DEI Network;

  2. processing your enrollment to the events/activities and/or classes organized by CDIA;

  3. processing your registration or order for services of CDIA;

  4. verifying your identity for access to restricted contents of CDIA's website or event or for participating in activities of CDIA;

  5. research and customer survey;

  6. billing and debt collection;

  7. dealing with your suggestion, enquiry and complaint;

  8. communicating with you generally.


Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data held by CDIA will be kept confidential, but CDIA may transfer your personal data to a data processor (e.g. printer, production house, providers of mailing services, cloud servers, storage providers, or a third party who managed systems for CDIA) engaged by CDIA to process or handle personal data on its behalf, subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Because the internet is a global environment, you accept and agree that this will include the transfer of your personal information to other countries and regions around the world.

Rights of Access and Correction to Data Collected

You have a right to (i) request access to; (ii) obtain a copy of; (iii) supplement or request correction of; (iv) request that CDIA cease the collection, processing, or use of; or (v) request that CDIA delete your personal data held by CDIA. If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact the Management Office by mail to 1501-7, 15/F, Millennium City, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

This Statement may be revised from time to time. 

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