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Cultural Diversity /

Cultural diversity is an ideological belief upheld in societies that recognize, appreciate, and respect the cultural behaviors and presence of other people or people from diversified groups. Communities comprise different types of people originating from diversified ethnic groups. Each ethnic group is constrained by its specific values, behaviors, and social norms. Therefore, a culturally diverse society enables and empowers different contributions that different people make from various ethnic backgrounds. Essentially, cultural diversity is the act of inclusiveness; that is, acknowledging people from different cultural backgrounds and creating an enabling environment that recognizes and values the social behaviors of others. Understanding diversity stands out as a critical aspect of promoting cultural diversity. In this regard, diversity is attributed to various factors such as religion, ethnicity, and race.

文化多樣性是社會認可、欣賞和尊重其他人或來自不同群體的人的文化行為和存在的一種意識形態信仰。 社區包括來自不同民族的不同類型的人。 每個民族都受到其特定的價值觀、行為和社會規範的約束。 因此,一個文化多元化的社會能夠支持並賦予不同種族背景的不同人做出不同的貢獻。 從本質上講,文化多樣性是包容的行為; 也就是說,承認來自不同文化背景的人,並創造一個認可和重視他人社會行為的有利環境。 理解多樣性是促進文化多樣性的一個重要方面。 在這方面,多樣性歸因於各種因素,例如宗教、種族和種族。


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