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Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership is a strategic skill development program designed to develop business leaders to identify and develop the required competencies for inclusive leadership. 

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the strategic value of inclusive leadership and diversity & inclusion.

  • Gain knowledge of inclusive leadership from a strategic perspective

  • Explore the behaviors and competencies that define an inclusive leader leadership capability

  • Sharpen inclusive leadership skills

  • Align leadership capabilities with business goals and priorities

  • Develop an action plan for incorporating session outcomes into day-to-day interactions

Key topics include:

  • Inclusive Leadership - a New Mandate

  • Strategic view of Diversity and Inclusion

  • 5 Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion

  • 7 Levels of Personal D&I Engagement

  • 5 Levels of Organizational D&I Benchmark

  • Leading the Removal of Unconscious Bias at the Workplace

  • Strategic Alignment

  • Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks

  • Characteristics and Competencies of Inclusive Leaders

  • Be a trusted and supportive D&I Ally

  • Coaching of Inclusion

  • Making D&I as a part of business habit and culture

  • Leverage D&I for business opportunities

Developing an Inclusive Workplace

This program is designed to support business leader and HR professionals on creating and maintain an inclusive workplace through valuing differences and engaging employees to be a part of the initiative.

Key topics include:

  • Strategic Enabling Initiative

  • Leadership and Engagement Matter

  • 5 Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion

  • 7 Levels of Personal D&I Engagement

  • 5 Levels of Organizational D&I Benchmark

  • Self-assessment of Unconscious Bias Assumptions

  • Removal of Unconscious Bias Practices

  • Assessment of Business Strategies

  • Planning with the End in Mind

  • Transformation of Work Design and Workflow

  • Identification of Enabling Characteristics

  • Employee Involvement and Participation

  • Roadmap of Transformation

  • Flexibility and Balance

  • Training and Communication

  • Evaluation and Reinforcement

* The length of the individual workshop is subject to the level of depth of engagement and expected outcomes.

Building Inclusive Teams

Working in teams is a common business practice that makes business processes function smoothly and effectively. No matter a member works in an intact team or a cross-functional team, everyone will partner and collaborate with other team members who are different from us in many ways. Breaking in the silo and creating interdependence, we need to develop team members to aware, understand, appreciate, and leverage the differences other team members bring to the workplace. 

This workshop provides a highly participative way for the learner to learn the different working style. We will then examine other differences and ways to make it work for the team. The program will also provide a proven framework of team productivity strategies.

Key topics include:

  • What is "Difference"?

  • High Performing Team

  • From Awareness to Performance

  • Understanding of individual work style

  • Identifies expected roles and sets of knowledge and skills requirements

  • The framework of Team Productivity

  • Inclusive Operating System for collaboration and conflict resolution

  • Team Hygiene System 

  • Checklist of specific leadership actions


Developing Inclusive Culture

An inclusive culture is a critical element of a positive workplace.  Members of the organization and stakeholders need to see, hear and feel it on a day in day out basis. It requires clarity and reinforcement the appropriate values and behaviors exhibited in every single interaction internally and externally. It is the management responsibility to ensure all individuals and teams accurately understand and effectively practice consistently. Inclusive leaders and managers should display high levels of cultural adaptability and effectively communicate with deep consideration of cross-cultural mind. Frontline members display cultural awareness and sensitivity in everything they do at work.

Key topics include:

  • Systems Thinking and Approach

  • Planning with an End in Mind

  • 5 Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion

  • 7 Levels of Personal D&I Engagement

  • 5 Levels of Organizational D&I Benchmark

  • Identification of Ideal enabling cultural ingredients

  • Clarification of Organizational Values

  • Cultural Identity, Imagery, and Behaviors

  • Positive Workplace

  • Elimination of counter-productive organization practices

  • Reinforcement of Positivity and Civility

  • Alignment of Human Resources Policies and Practices

  • Communication and Training

  • Recognition

  • Continuous improvement and assessment

Be Trusted LBGT+ Allies

The workshop teaches and equips participants with the knowledge and skills to be trusted LBGTI+ Allies. You will also learn simple everyday ways to influence the organization to make your workplace more inclusive.

Key topics include:

  • Understand LGBT+

  • Discover Self-Awareness

  • Assessment of Value System and Assumptions

  • Removal of Privilege and Oppression

  • Management of Subconscious Bias

  • LGBT+ and Allyship

  • Relationship Matters

  • 7 Levels of Personal D&I Engagement

  • ABCD Trust Model

  • The Process of Allyship

  • Expansion of Personal Horizon

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