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Empower Modules

Strategic Inclusion Management

This workshop is a strategic learning process for Senior Business Leader,s,  Chief People Officers, HR Directors, and D&I Directors/Managers to acquire the knowledge of Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks. Participants will learn the world-class benchmark framework and the tools to manage strategic D&I as an integral part of the strategic driver for growth and sustainability.

Key topics include:

  • Strategic Planning Process

  • Human Capital Strategies

  • Approaches to D&I

  • 5 Levels of Organizational D&I Engagement

  • Management Sponsorship

  • Chief D&I Officer

  • The GDIB Model: 

    • ​The Foundational Group

    • The Internal Group

    • The Bridging Group

    • The External Group

  • Measurement and Evaluation​

  • Continuous Improvement

Effective D&I Sponsorship

Organization-wide D&I Initiative requires senior leaders taking on the job of sponsoring not only people who are most like them, but also sponsoring individuals who may be very different from them. 

Key topics include:

  • Introduction to Effective Sponsorship Across Difference for Sponsor 

  • What is Sponsorship? 

  • Sponsoring Across Difference

  • Successful Approaches for Sponsoring Across Differences

  • Advocating Across Difference

  • Applying the Concepts

  • Demonstration of Leadership

  • Process of Review and Reinforcement

  • Characteristics of Effective Sponsors 

Employee Resource Group

Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a critical piece of an organization’s diversity and inclusion initiative. It is crucial to ensure that ERG has the adequate resources and support they need to operate the ERG and to drive change at their organizations.

Key topics include:

  • Employee Resource Group

  • The importance of ERG in the D&I initiative

  • Building allies in the organization

  • Engagement at all levels

  • Operations of an ERG

  • Measurement and metrics

  • Learning from the others

  • Networks for best practices sharing and learning

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