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Family Status /

Family status means that a person has responsibility for the care of an immediate family member. An immediate family member is a person who is related by blood, marriage, adoption, or affinity. The blood relationship can cover the mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, grandchild, aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew, and niece. The marriage relationship is that of husband and wife who are lawfully married. Affinity relationships are created by marriage and include, for instance, mother-in-law and father-in-law.

家庭狀況意味著一個人有責任照顧直系親屬。 直系親屬是指有血緣、婚姻、收養或親緣關係的人。 血緣關係可以涵蓋母親、父親、兄弟、姐妹、兒子、女兒、祖母、祖父、孫子、姑姑、叔叔、堂兄、侄子和侄女。 婚姻關係是合法結婚的夫妻關係。 親緣關係是由婚姻產生的,包括,例如,岳母和岳父。

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