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The well-researched benchmark framework for world-class diversity and inclusion management:


  • Four Primary Processes:

    • Drive the Strategy

    • Align & Connect

    • Listen To & Serve Society 

    • Attract & Retain People

  • 14 Concrete Actions on vision, leadership, structure, recruitment & development, benefits, compensation, learning, social responsibility, products & services, marketing, supplier diversity, assessment, communications, and sustainability.

  • 266 Benchmarks. Average 19 per action in 5 levels: Best Practices, Progressive, Proactive, Reactive, Inactive

  • Use it to determine the level of your organization and set achievement goals

  • Use it to measure progress. Compare your organization to proven practices and outcomes.

  • Agreed-upon definitions of diversity and inclusion.

  • 95 Expert Panelists – representing significant diversity in dimension and experience – around the world and two authors collaborated to develop

  • Content crosses cultures and continents.


Use the Benchmarks to:

  • To establish development standards and agree on the desired state of DEI in your organization.

  • To assess the current state of DEI in your organization.

  • To engage management and staff.

  • To determine short-term and long-term goals.

  • To measure progress.

  • To assist in hiring DEI staff and consultants, and all employees.

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