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Inspire Modules

Inclusive Customer Experience

Customer experience is critical to a sustainable business. However, most of the frontline sales personnel were not trained to understand and appreciate the differences that the customers have. Some are even having negative attitudes toward those differences. Then negative behaviors will be demonstrated as a result of an individual subconscious attitude. The consequence is bad customer experience and loss of business opportunities. Potential branding will also be damaged.

The inclusive workshop leverages the D&I Awareness and Unconscious Bias programs as the foundation. Participants will learn how to understand the differences and turn them into opportunities. They will also learn the skills to interact with the customers and ways to make them feeling appreciation and welcome.

Key topics include:

  • Inclusive Customer Experience is essential to business

  • Diversity and Inclusion Awareness

  • Consequences of unwelcome behaviors toward customers

  • Appreciation of individual differences

  • Unconscious Bias Definition and Types

  • How to overcome Unconscious Bias

  • Customer interaction skills to create an inclusive customer experience

  • Expansion of personal horizon

  • Be a trusted ally

  • Opportunities to create a higher level of customer engagement



Inclusive Employer’s Branding

Employer Value Proposition will provide an edge to a company to attract and retain talents for the creation of values to customers.  It is a core element of an employer branding process that defines how you’d like to be perceived as an employer. In today's diverse marketplace, talents bring their knowledge, skills, experience, network, and creativity to the employer together with the different background including gender, age, personality, ethnic origin, family status, physical difference, religion, sexual orientation and national culture practices to the workplace.

Key topics include:

  • Positive and Inclusive Workplace

  • HR Strategies aligned with Business Strategies

  • ​Organization's public perception

  • Employer Value Proposition

  • 7 Levels of Personal D&I Engagement

  • 5 Approaches to Diversity & Inclusion

  • 5 Levels of Organizational D&I Benchmark

  • Types of Inclusion

  • Strategic HR Positioning

  • Employee Engagement

  • HR Practice Alignment

  • Transition

  • Change management to become an inclusive workplace

  • Internal promotion and engagement

  • Communication with potential talents

  • Inclusive reinforcement

Inclusion for Business Results

D&I had proved to create values internally and externally in improving business performance.

The following topics will be covered in the executive briefing session:


Internal benefits of D&I are:

  • Individual / personal level encompassing increasing productivity, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Team level encompassing improved collaboration, solution quality, and speed.

  • People are feeling respected and engaged. 

  • ​The workforce is more creative and innovative.

  • Organizational level encompassing enhanced organizational effectiveness, adaptability.

External benefits of D&I are:

  • Improvement in market share, customer intimacy, and performance

  • Financial results.

  • Positive employer's image

  • Corporate image

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