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Racial and Ethnicity /

Anthropologists about human being background define it. Biological/genetic race: It is evident that we all have different physical features and that those seem to be generally distributed worldwide by geographical region.  Anthropologists’ original notions of race were based on these differences and the areas they represent.  


Ethnicity refers to cultural features used to classify people or categories considered to be significantly different from others. Commonly recognized American ethnic groups include, among others, African Americans,  American Indians, Latino/as, Chinese Americans, European/Anglo Americans, Muslim Americans, and Jewish Americans.

人類學家對人類背來源其進行了定義。 生物/遺傳種族:人類很明顯都有不同的身體特徵,而且這些特徵似乎通常按地理區域分佈在全球範圍內。 人類學家最初的種族概念是基於這些差異及其所代表的領域。

種族是指用於對被認為與其他人顯著不同的人或類別進行分類的文化特徵。 公認的美國族群包括非裔美國人、美洲印第安人、拉丁裔/亞裔、華裔美國人、歐洲/英裔美國人、穆斯林美國人和猶太裔美國人等。

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