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NGO DEI-30 Programme

This programme is aimed to provide NGOs and Social Enterprises with the sponsors funded learning courses as a way to enhance their fellow staff members' knowledge and develop their mindset of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through structured self-paced learning. 

Provide Impactful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training That Drives Meaningful Change.

When you make Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a priority, every facet of your organization benefits. Organizations with strong diversity climates are more likely to have employees with increased job satisfaction, higher levels of trust, and are more engaged. The staff members will behave inclusive behaviors and express positive service. We can help.

Business Team

The Programme

The staff members of participating organisations will participate in a maximum of 6-month online learning and facilitated sessions to develop action plan for their respective organisation for make a impactful change.

How It Works


Participants will undertake 30 courses:

  • Be Open to Diversity 

  • Battle Unconscious Bias in Your Organization 

  • Recognize the Seven Dimensions of Cultural Difference

  • Reconcile Cultural Differences

  • Build Trust Across Cultures

  • Understand mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

  • Communicate remotely across cultures

  • Be Non-Judgemental

  • Identify the risks and opportunities of multicultural teams

  • Harness empathy

  • Accept and Respond Productively to Feedback

  • Be Aware of the Influence of Perception Filters 

  • Handle Interpersonal Difficulties in the Workplace with Empathy

  • Harness Two-Way Learning with Reverse Mentoring 

  • Manage a Workplace Free from Bullying and Harassment

  • Understand and assess psychological safety

  • Harness the benefits of psychological safety

  • Set the stage for psychological safety

  • Invite participation

  • Understand Generations at Work 

  • Communicate Across Generations 

  • Adapt Your Management to Generational Differences 

  • Lead a Generationally Mixed Team 

  • Recruit Diverse People 

  • Evaluate a Diverse Team Objectively 

  • Boost Performance with Diversity Management 

  • Change Organizational Culture 

  • Actively Encourage Diverse Participation 

  • Harness Female Leadership 

  • Be an Ally for an Inclusive and Equitable Workplace

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